Nagios XI – Passive Monitoring with NRDS_Win

This document describes how to passively monitor Windows hosts using NRDS_Win. NRDS_Win is a lightweight client which can process Nagios plugins and pass back check results. This passive agent sends results back to Nagios over port 80 (HTTP) or port 443 (HTTPS). This is advantageous for situations where Nagios can’t reach the hosts you wish to monitor because of firewall rules, but the host is able to contact Nagios. Passive monitoring is very scalable since all check processing is done by the clients, sending back only results.

NRDS_Win also has the ability to automatically update it’s configuration and plugins. All configurations are centrally managed by the NRDS configuration manager making administration of large environments a snap. You can also use NRDS_Win as a NRDP sender if you’re using Nagios Core and not utilizing the config administration capability.