Manual Installation Instructions for Nagios XI

Experienced Nagios administrators who want to install Nagios XI on their own physical or virtual Linux servers can use this guide to get started.



Note: Nagios XI can only be installed on a RHEL or CentOS Linux server.

Important: Nagios Enterprises highly recommends and will only support installing Nagios XI on a newly installed, “clean” system. Attempting to install Nagios XI on a pre-existing system with other applications already installed can cause the Nagios XI installation process to fail, critical system components and settings (e.g. database servers) to be modified in a way that negatively affects other applications, and previously installed applications to be automatically upgraded or removed. While installing XI on a system with other applications is possible, it is not recommended due to the possible interactions and complexity of multiple components that are required for Nagios XI to function. If you choose to ignore these warnings, you do so at your own risk.

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