Nagios Fusion Documentation

Documentation on using Nagios Fusion. Documentation is meant to complement the Nagios Fusion manuals and tutorials.

Installing Nagios Fusion with VMware Workstation Player

This document is intended to outline the steps required to install Nagios Fusion within VMware Workstation Player. … Read More

Nagios Fusion – Conversion for VirtualBox

This document is intended to explain how to convert the VMware OVA virtual machine image of Nagios Fusion to VirtualBox. This document is intended for use by Nagios Fusion customers who wish to run Nagios Fusion within VirtualBox rather than … Read More

Nagios Fusion – How to Upgrade Nagios Fusion Using the Web UI

This document describes how to upgrade your Nagios Fusion installation quickly and easily from the web interface. This allow users to upgrade to latest version of Nagios Fusion which provides users with the newest features, critical patches, bug fixes, and … Read More

Getting Started with Nagios Fusion

This document describes how to monitor multiple instances of Nagios including Nagios XI and Core using Nagios Fusion.   Getting Started with Nagios Fusion.

Nagios Fusion Architectural Overview

This document describes the basic architecture of Nagios Fusion and how it integrates with existing Nagios XI and Nagios Core servers. Fusion_Architectural_Overview.pdf

Upgrading Nagios Fusion

A quick guide on how to upgrade an existing Nagios Fusion installation to the latest release. Fusion_Upgrade_Instructions.pdf

Manual Installation Instructions For Nagios Fusion

Administrators who wish to manually install Nagios Fusion on physical or virtual servers can use this guide to get started.   Fusion_Manual_Installation_Instructions.pdf Note: Nagios Fusion can only be installed to RHEL or CentOS Linux distributions. We highly recommend installing Nagios … Read More